Why should you trust me

I did enjoy the session last night and will look forward to the next one. I had a stabbing sore throat for a week,it completely went at the end of the session at 9.30pm. Many Thanks xxx. I slept best I ever have in 4 years. Not sure if a coincidence but with that and my throat being better I am very much believing it was the healing xx. Am happy to be back in touch with my spiritual senses. These last four years I completely lost it xx

Sarah M. UK

Elena, my two sons are together again! What a relief! My younger son returned home yesterday after being missing for months... Straight after you started a healing on this situation so many things changed for the better. I can't say thank you enough, my dear friend!

T. Kostadinova, Bulgaria

I don't know how to or from where to begin. I can only say that my life has changed In a way I could never have thought possible because I thought that i would never recover from the emotional mess I was in. Also, the intense anxiety and deep depression that I had for some time have truly gone and for first time in a very long time,thanks to you, I am actually ok now . I know it's not a magic, I can feel the energy. You opened the door for me about the existence of which I had no idea and you put my focus on the right direction. I am learning more spiritually and feeling good. With your healing I am now back to the person I once was, but even stronger. I can never forget what you have done and am forever grateful. You are amazing. Thank you again.

Monika D. P. , UK

My dreams are coming true! This is unbelievable! My dear angel, crystal clear, loving, affectionate friend! Elena!

Veneta Petrova, Sofia, Bulgaria

Elena Batinkova, thank you! Please, continue to send healing to this situation. I believe the healing has worked. Bright blessings to you❤

Maggie W. UK

Gorgeous Elena! I am traveling at this moment and I am passing by the town in which we met, at that life-changing for me event you ran. I am immersed in memories of what I have experienced then and cannot wait for the next one. Thank you so very much! Love and gratitude!

Iva K., Sofia, Bulgaria

Back in October last year my 7 year old Akita male became very poorly. He stopped eating and was losing weight. A trip to the vet to be told liver disease  and to have him put to sleep. The whole family were devastated and my son sought a second opinion the next day and was told not to give up on him and put him on hepatic medication. The price of a mortgage!!! But Jay' s tummy was massive as filled with fluid and my son being desperate  had his tummy drained but was warned the fluid would probably come back and could only be done the once. About this time I spoke to a friend who was very concerned and told me to talk to Elena who did healing from afar. As I know Elena from my previous job and she has always fascinated me with her wisdom and I loved to listen to her chat. I loved our chats at work, I agreed for this healing. On the very day my son took Jay back to the vets and I really thought he was not going to bring him back.....My son did. With some water tables that Jay never had to take as that very evening Jay was in the garden and he ran in with a toy in his mouth and started rolling around the floor. I was shocked as I hadn't seen him to do this for a long time as he was so poorly. I looked in his eyes and he had got his spark back. It was like our Jay had come back. Now this did not dawn on me until  about a week later that he came back from the vets on the same day Elena was contacted and told about Jay being ill and how devastated I was....to me it's been a miracle,which my son desperately wanted but we all thought he was going to be put to sleep. Four months on he's gained all his weight back, is hungry and there is no way he is palliative  as was told by the vet. I asked Elena to mention me in her healing as I have suffered  from achy legs for past few years and I have had to take ibuprofen at least 3 time a week and even got CBD oil, which I took only a couple of times because it suddenly dawned on me only a few weeks back that I run up and down the stairs  now with no pain. I haven't had to reach for the painkillers  to make me feel comfortable  as my legs ached so much sometimes. It feels like I've gone back in time to when I never had achy legs and it's such a lovely feeling. So much so that I purchased  the CBD oil. What has happened has been amazing and from my heart which wants to jump out as I type because I cannot believe it and I never realised it at the time that this is Elena's work. I truly believe in this lovely,remarkable lady whom I've had the privilege to know and work with in the care sector.

Susan Corcoran,UK

My boyfriend is giving up on meat! Wow , how did you do that? Without meeting him or spoke with him! What a transformation! What did you do,angel? He feels so much better... I cannot ever thank you enough , so lovely to have you in my life !!!!

Veneta Petrova ,Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear Elena, thank you for being always there for me. You picked me up when I was down. You gave me the strength when I was lost. I can't say thank you enough for your care and support. I am very blessed to be able to see you in person when I am in desperation. You guided me and my daughter when we were in darkness. Thank you for your dedication and empathy. You made me see things that I never thought existed. Please, keep being my angel and don't stop do this work that you are so good at. Thank you. Just by thinking you are around makes me feel calm and relieved.  I love you❤❤❤❤❤

Vaska K. UK

I cannot wait for the time of the monthly healings to come,Elena. If you could schedule them more often that would be greatly appreciated. I was sceptical at first because I never knew that something like healing from distance could make such a shift  in consciousness. What I felt and continue feeling during the monthly sessions is something so incredible. An ease, lightness in my chest ...Just happiness, I can't put it in words...Cosmic happiness! Its love and peace together. I feel really light  after  each healing like I am out of my body..this balance stays with me for days and no one has the power to ruin it ... I love you Elena and thank you

Jenny Mitova, Sofia, Bulgaria

Thank you for being with us,for inspiring us,for raising our awareness! Thank you for lighting up this divine sparkle. We love you so much. We know the journey is not easy but it's worth it !

Veneta Petrova, Sofia, Bulgaria

Hello dear friend! Thank you for the healing last night on my birthday! For first time ever I did not fall asleep during a session. One hour felt  just like a few moments.... I was light as a butterfly and was floating... I climed a staircase towards the light. Great joy and delight was my feeling all this time . After the event In Chepelare my inner state took another turn. I am not the same irritable,moody,fretful, edgy person I used to be. I am now positive and enjoying every little thing in life.

Vania  Dafinkicheva,Sofia, Bulgaria

I am very excited to share this story about my son and daughter-in-law. They got married in 2013 and  could not wait to start a family. But the luck was not on their side yet for that. The months were pasing by and nothing was happening . Doctors said that there was not a functional problem for conceiving a baby so there was just a matter of time. Since then 5 years gone passed and we are all still hopping. At that time I met Elena who I did not know from before. She was so approachable and we became friends very quick. That's how I learned about her healing skills. I shared with her my son and daughter-in-law's issue. She offered a healing. I did not know what to expect but, I was truly believing in her ! After about of 2 months of healing( I actually don't know how many healings Elena did), we had the GOOD NEWS !!!! Now I am a granny of a beautiful angel baby boy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,dear Elena. Thanks for your love ,time and dedication, indeed ! This is such a noble act of you. May God always blesses your days!

.StefkaA , UK

Thank you Elena for the experience you made happen.  Chepelare's event was a big step forward to me. I can see more clearly now. The peace that surrounds me since then opened my senses for things to understand and do,thingsi was not able to cope with before.  Now it seems easier. I am in that presence still, ....months since then, It's so lovely. Looking forward to the next meet xx

VasilkaI.,Sofia, Bulgaria

Thank you from heart, Elena! That what we experienced at this event cannot be put in words. Such a great personality like you is a rare and exceptional  blessing in life . I so acknowledge this existence of divine truth in you.

Venera Djermanova, Bulgaria

Elena asked me if i minded standing up for a few minutes, while starting the healing session. As Elena began I could feel the energy surround my aura( i am a healer myself,so I sensed the energy). It felt warm and I felt reassured that I was in good hands. Elena continued  with the healing,I had a sensation of being pushed forward and then backwards. After a little while Elena asked me to lay on the couch. Then Elena touched my head, I felt the energy go all around my aura again. I felt all my chakras open,especially my third eye. I could feel the energy going to my crown and then to my feet. Then I felt great emotional release.  I then felt many pairs of hands all over my body. I felt safe,warm and totally energised. I have a lower back problem and Elena said she could see a dark area in my body where I have injured it. I take some painkillers  to ease the pain. The very next day I did not need to take any. Thank you and God bless you Elena, see you soon

Maggie Ward, UK

I don't know how to describe  that what is happening with me and my whole family because everything after Elena's healings must be sensed personally to get the right impression. Her energy soothes, purifies,inspires, transforms. You would feel light,vital,alive,spirited,robust. My illnesses are behind my back already. I am only love and goodness now. I feel I wish give a hug to each and everyone in this world and say I love you , to encourage them in their blues and tell them not to give up on their dreams because everything is possible.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you,Elena! For the warmth I have received by your heavenly energy. For the priceless lessons on acceptance and forgiveness. For your tireless support.

Veneta Petrova, Sofia, Bulgaria

Hello! I want a healing please if possible for me and my baby. I feel I am stronger,feel safer and love more....I feel my baby dances like yehhoooo in my tummy after healing ,thank you

Kinga K.,Romania

"Thank you so much Elena for taking my pain away. Since you've done the healing, I stopped having my migraines. Love you girl❤