Why do we need it

Healing itself is described as being restored to health, repaired by natural processes, cured, and made whole. “Whole” means healing on all levels- mind, body, and spirit. We are multidimensional beings and our physical bodies do not exist on their own. They have an agreement with a spirit, which is the non-physical part of the body as whole. We seek harmony between body and spirit for this wholeness. And very often nowadays, this harmony is disturbed or even destroyed. In ancient times, the only way of reinstalling the lost balance between the two was spiritual healing.

Unfortunately, today, as physical life progresses and modernisation takes advantage of all walks of life, we are losing the connection with our souls. The two parts are treated as separate. Their unity has been disrupted and so-called new age illnesses have sadly grown in prevalence. The need for spiritual healing today is more than ever, at all levels. Society is crying out for this forgotten tool. All the answers lie within. Our bodies are fully equipped and designed to heal themselves. But if one has lost that communication, they will need gentle guidance to help illuminate the way back to fullness. The healing exercise is to prepare one’s intuition to respond to the source.