What do I offer

I only offer a distance healing, which is as effective as if I’m standing by your side and doing a hands-on session for you. Energy works through time and space and can be received in a second.

What you may experience from a distance healing session

  • A boost to your vitality/clarity/productivity
  • A new awareness in an area of your life that matters to you
  • A new sense of inner peace and/ or inspiration
  • Transformative healing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), life progress and more

If you decide to have a personal healing session, please contact me prior to paying so we can plan the details/ days/times

For everyday group distance healing sessions, you do not need to contact me in advance. After you have paid, your name will automatically be included on the healing register. Only let me know in the comment box on which day you will participate and leave the name of the town you live in, the country and a brief description of your problem. The time for everyday group sessions is always the same: 8.30-9.30pm GMT (London)

You can do as many sessions as you like. It’s your choice and feeling. There is no wrong way.

There will not be a phone call, text or email reminder from me on that day. Please be ready at the selected time. Please select a room or space where you can close the door, settle in peace and enjoy your privacy. Please do your best to avoid noise or disruption. You can be seated if you prefer or if your condition does not allow it, you can lie down. It’s recommended that you allow your eyes to remain closed. Let go and release any expectations.

It’s possible that physical sensations may be felt, and other emotional feelings are possible too. You may not feel anything at all; you may even fall asleep. This does not mean that you aren't receiving the healing. Please allow yourself to enjoy any of these.

A phone call may be arranged after a personal session to communicate your experience if scheduled. It’s optional.


Everyday distance group healing
8.30-9.30pm London time
Please check with your time zone, £10 for the one-day session
Please choose a date and leave a comment in the box
If you wish to be included once a month on a regular basis, then you should pay prior to the date which is the 13th for each month
It's £10 for 1-hour group healing session
Time 8.30-9.30 pm London
* If I do not receive a payment from you, you fail to be included
Personal distance healing
½ an hour - £35
1 hour - £75
Please contact me in advance prior to paying
Personal distance healing
1 hour + 15 consecutive group healings £100
This is a great offer to get your hands on!
If you wish to be included in every-day group sessions for 30 days
I’m offering a fantastic discount: £150 instead of £300.
It’s 30 days of bathing in the power of love!
It could change you so much both inside and out! This offer is in high demand, so please contact me first.

Do you have questions or need more info?

Please contact me