Remembering The Journey healing and who is it for


It’s a place of love!

Intensive Internal work

A Journey to the Self

It’s a field to stand up to unwholesome old paradigms of consciousness and transmute them into a new healthy version. It’s understanding, remembering, healing...Purity and Freedom. And it’s constant and never changes!

It’s a Divine tool for those who are drifting through life with no purpose and direction, no joy and passion, who are very often depressed, with illnesses and broken or unhealthy relationships, financial instability, fears, and who very often do not know how to continue with life.

Remembering The Journey healing work is also those who are after a deeper knowledge and experience of the Divine.

It sets you free, teaches you through intuition how to access a certain state of mind, and gives you the cognition needed for healing your own path and life.

We are, after all, of Divine source. And we all have the right to call for healing. And it’s just as important, perhaps even more so, for everyone's lives, from 0-100+. It’s for everyone who is seeking change and is willing to grow. Remembering the Journey healing work can only take you to where you are ready to go!  It’s not invasive, aggressive or harmful. It’s only benevolent! And if you are brave and courageous enough and dare to face a deeper perception and accept how much this journey can give you, you will open yourself up to blissful healing on all levels. With each step, you become more aware of how you detach from the old pattern and this grants you an enormous sense of confidence to go further. Your life can turn around. Situations, relationships, and money matters can be fully resolved. Physical healing happens along the way when you are eager and thirsty to remain present, continuously bathing yourself in this glorious light. And the greatest thing about this is that you are never alone!

The Journey is Incredible!

But please, this is important for you to understand!

Healing is not linear! It’s an evolution of mind,body and spirit. It happens when/ where/ how it needs to. This is the beauty of it!

I cannot make any promises or guarantee whether your results will come in the form you are desiring or anticipating, or in a form you never dreamed of. I don't know whether they will happen immediately or later. I don’t know if they will make themselves known to you physically, mentally, emotionally or otherwise...whether they will show up in your evolution or life’s progress...or whether they will make sense to you or not.I don’t know if you will notice anything at all.

If this is alright with you, I welcome you to join this journey!