A little about me

I was born in Bulgaria in the beautiful mountain countryside. I grew up surrounded by Mother Nature and I fell in love with her. I adopted her peace and understood that her secret is love and patience. And in every walk I took with her, I discovered and received far more than I sought.

In Nature, everything is accomplished!

In the mind of a curious, playful, yet sensitive child, I needed to make sure that everything in nature was in perfect order. I used to talk to the trees, flowers and every little worm and bug I came across with. I used to perform surgery on leaves and flowers, dusting them with powdered medicine so I could heal them.

In my 20s, I became a nurse. And I gave that same attention to all my patients.

“Meditation,” in the society I used to live 30 years ago, was a new word and perception. But I was intrigued very quickly and this became my new world. Books of this kind would pile up at home and I was getting closer and closer to the spiritual realm. Being a nurse for a long time, seeing people suffering and very often not being able to overcome illness, I started questioning why it was is so, and whether there was a way for us to alter this state by neutralizing it and transform it into a healthy one. By following this concept and believing that we can make changes in our lives, I came to know about spiritual healing. This path led me to start my own healing journey. Having been through my own healing journey, it strengthened my conviction in how healing energy works and how it can turn us around from an aimless path, negotiate with us and direct us along a more specific course. The journey was incredible! My inner strength called me to climb higher. The spirit world became my daily life. I went through Reiki training and practices. I learned from great teachers worldwide. I have been attuned to high levels of spirit force. Here, I should mention the extraordinary, world-renowned Brazilian healer, Joao Teixeira de Faria, who is lovingly called John of God by the public, for his miraculous work. As well as the indomitable Jerry Sargeant and his unique, immaculate Star Magic Healing, which took me to another level of outstanding tunefulness/wholeness.

Since then, my path has taken a different trajectory. My purpose in life has been found. And finally, this was the answer to my question: how to assist people to rediscover their souls and live life to its fullest.