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Elena Vassileva Batinkova

Spiritual ambassador, Heart warrior and Heart activator

I was born in Bulgaria in the beautiful mountain countryside. I grew up surrounded by Mother Nature and I fell in love with her. I adopted her peace and understood that her secret is love and patience. And in every walk I took with her, I discovered and received far more than I sought.

In Nature, everything is accomplished!

In the mind of a curious, playful, yet sensitive child, I needed to make sure that everything in nature was in perfect order. I used to talk to the trees, flowers and every little worm and bug I came across with. I used to perform surgery on leaves and flowers, dusting them with powdered medicine so I could heal them.

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It’s a place of love!

Intensive Internal work

A Journey to the Self

It’s a field to stand up to unwholesome old paradigms of consciousness and transmute them into a new healthy version. It’s understanding, remembering, healing...Purity and Freedom. And it’s constant and never changes!

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